This Date In Royals History – September 29, 1993

George_Brett_S_scorboard composite.jpgThis entry comes later in the day and reflects back on one of the most bittersweet nights in Royals history. There have been so many great and memorable players in the Royals 40 years in Kansas City, but if there was to be only one defining player it would unmistakably be George Brett.


On Wednesday September 29, 1993, George played his final home game here at Kauffman Stadium. It was a night when a near capacity crowd came out to say thank you for twenty spectacular years. In the eighth inning George collected a hit (naturally) in his final at bat, and when Phil Hiatt replaced him as a pinch runner George left the field to a thunderous standing ovation.


Other players may rival George in the category of those who played their entire careers with one club and became almost synonymous with their ‘hometown’ – but none stand any higher. I refer to these few as the single name guys, because in their towns the first name is all you really need. There’s Stan in St. Louis, Cal in Baltimore, Robin in Milwaukee even Kirby in the Twin Cities. Here in Kansas City it’s just George and probably always will be.


Just A Bit More: Those single name guys are getting harder to find as the years go by. The best I can tell there are no current major league players who are playing their twentieth or more season having played with only one club in their career. There are at least two that are approaching that rare plateau. Perhaps Derek Jeter will be that type of player for the Yankees (in his 15th year), or Chipper Jones in Atlanta (in his 16th year).


If any player reaches the level where they could be known as the ‘George Brett’ of their respective city, then they will truly have reached legendary status.  


(Curt Nelson, Director – Royals Hall of Fame)

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