09 Opening Day.jpgSpurred by Kauffman Stadium’s spectacular renovation, (with a tip of the cap to our fellow Jackson County citizens), Royals fans helped the club lead all of Major League Baseball with a nearly 14% increase in attendance this season. With one weekend of baseball left to go, MLB is projected to have its fourth highest total attendance ever at 75.2 millions fans.


But baseball has not been immune to the tough economy of the last year or so throughout the country. While 75.2 million remains strong it was still the largest single season percentage decrease (6.5%) since 1952. While a new ballpark is almost always a strong factor in increasing attendance, it may not tell the entire story – especially here in Kansas City. Both New York teams debuted brand new stadiums in 2009 and by season’s end each had seen a double digit percentage loss in attendance.


What factors allowed Kansas City to buck that trend? There are several to be sure, but no doubt some of the credit goes to the continuing love for this beautiful ballpark. It was state of the art when it opened in 1973 and now it is again – while maintaining the key iconic elements that have captivated fans from the start.  I’ve been coming here since it opened – when I was just five years old (thanks mom and dad) – and it has always felt like home to me, now more than ever.


Having a pitcher post a Cy Young-type season for the ages and a young hitter blossom into a 20+ HR/50+ Double force was exciting too. Opening Day is just 186 days away…


Just A Bit More: The Royals Hall of Fame as extends a huge THANK YOU to fans for their strong support since our opening on July 17. At the last home game Zack Greinke was the star on the mound, but out at the RHOF our stars where the DeMeyer family of Kansas City. Stopping by the RHOF with his father Ron, along with brothers Justin and Brett, Mitch DeMeyer (first from right in picture below) became our 50,000th guest. 


RHOF 50,000th Fan.JPG(Curt Nelson, Director – Royals Hall of Fame)

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