Drafted By The Royals – 1968

dane-iorg.jpgBecause every day of the off-season may not have a story to tell (though you would be surprised how many do) I wanted to start a new quick hit entry for the blog called – Drafted By The Royals.

Now as a baseball fan you know that every player drafted by an organization does not sign with that club. But that is exactly the dynamic that makes for some intriguing history. Over the years you get some interesting connections, some what might have beens and some outright oddities. This first edition is one of the interesting connections, especially as we recall great moments from the 1985 World Series.

The Royals, along with their 1969 MLB expansions brethren, were allowed to take part in the 1968 June Free Agent Draft beginning in the fourth round. The Royals chose shortstop Kenneth O’Donnell from Neptune High School (Neptune, NJ) – See if you can win a bet with that one.

But the interesting connection came in the 16th round when the Royals took another SS – this one from Arcata High School (Arcata, CA) by the name of Dane Iorg. Yes that Dane Iorg, how many could there be?

Now we all know Dane did not sign with the Royals, but Kansas City was the first MLB club to draft him. He would go on to play baseball at Brigham Young University before being the Phillies first round pick in the 1971 June Draft (Secondary Phase) where he signed and began his professional career.

Just A Bit More: It would be nearly 16 years later when Dane first donned the Royals uniform. He was actually purchased by the Royals from the St. Louis Cardinals on May 10, 1984. Whatever the price was, I’m going to say in retrospect it was a serendipitous bargain of a deal.

(Curt Nelson, Director – Royals Hall of Fame) 

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