More Random Royals Thoughts – 2009 World Series

damon_johnny_s_10.jpgWell that was two more doubles for Raul Ibanez in Game Two, but the Phillies just couldn’t push across the runs to get the 2-0 jump on the Yankees in New York. But Raul isn’t the only former Royals player in the series this year to be sure, there are actually a several more.

The most obvious is Johnny Damon with the Yankees – though he is the only former Royals player on the New York World Series roster. Does it seem to you that his time in Kansas City was so long ago now it feels like he is a former Red Sox more than a Royal? Maybe so, but he still spent more years with Kansas City than he has with any of his other major league stops.

The Phillies have four former Royals on their World Series squad. Raul Ibanez along with relief pitcher Chad Durbin, outfielder/pinch-hitter Matt Stairs, and back-up catcher Paul Bako. I guess that is another reason to root for the Phils. The Phillies (Durbin, Stairs) beat the Rays (Howell) in former Royals last year and won the title. Maybe that was their key…


Just A Bit More: If we extend the former Royals to those that appeared for either World Series team this year the numbers get a bit bigger for the Yankees, but the Phillies still lead 4-3:

2009 Philadelphia Phillies

2009 New York Yankees

Former Royals

Raul Ibanez

Chad Durbin

Matt Stairs

Paul Bako

Johnny Damon

Angel Berroa

Brett Tomko

Plus the Phillies had John Mayberry, Jr on their roster this year and that name counts for something as a Royals fan. Enjoy the last weekend of baseball this year!

(Curt Nelson, Director – Royals Hall of Fame)

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