Royals Birthdays – November 12

moonlight.jpg1964 – Gary Thurman (Outfielder – 1987-92)

1961 – Greg Gagne (Shortstop – 1993-95)

Happy Birthday!


Did You Know: This is also the birthday for another character in baseball history – even if he is not related to Kansas City. Does the name Archibald Wright Graham ring a bell?

If you’ve ever read the wonderful baseball novel Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella or seen the movie adaptation Field of Dreams then you are familiar with the his story and might know him better ‘Moonlight’ Graham. The real Archibald Graham who was born on this date in 1877.

The gist of the story is that ‘Moonlight’ Graham was a player that played in part of just one major league game and never got his chance at bat. He was in the on-deck circle for the last out of his big league debut and never played another game.

The movie took some artistic license with his story, but not much really. ‘Moonlight’ never got his at-bat, but Archibald did live his other dream – where he made even more of a difference. Archie left baseball and became a doctor setting up practice in the small town of Chisholm, Minnesota. For fifty years ‘Doc’ Graham impacted many lives practicing medicine and pursuing a committment to education which still exists to this day as the Graham Scholarship Fund at Chisholm High School.

Good nickname, very good movie, and one of the simply great American baseball stories of which there are thousnads just under the surface.

Happy Birthday Moonlight! 

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