This Date In Royals History – December 3, 1969

Amos_Otis_S_0c003.jpgJust after discusing Cedric Tallis’ and the early Royals early braintrust’s great success on December 2nd comes December 3rd where they pulled off perhaps the most successful trade (for the Royals) in club history.

On December 3, 1969 the Royals traded Joe Foy (3B) to the New York Mets for Bob Johnson (P) and Amos Otis (OF)…and the rest is history. A.O. went on to become perhaps the ballclub’s first truly “Star” player, he could do it all:


Speed – Amos lead the AL in steals with 52 in 1971

Defense – Amos won the Royals first three Gold Gloves (1971, 1973, 1974)

Hit – Amos collected 1,977 hits with KC with a career average of .280

Hit for Power – Amos led the Royals in HRs four times (Still ranks 3rd all-time for KC)

Throw – Amos led the AL in Outfield Assists in 1970


Five tools and as graceful as any outfielder you’ve ever seen – which was a blessing and a curse. He was so talented and smooth that the game seemed to be easy for him – but this game isn’t easy for anyone. Because it all looked so fluid when he played some thought he wasn’t hustling, but the reality was he was so good he just made it look effortless.

One of the greatest Royals ever. Nice trade Cedric! 

(Curt Nelson, Director – Royals Hall of Fame) 


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