Royals Birthdays – January 5

Danny Jackson 2.jpg1974 – Mark Redman (Pitcher – 2006)

1966 – Steve Shifflett (Pitcher – 1992)

1963 – John Davis (Pitcher – 1987)

1962 – Danny Jackson (Pitcher – 1983-87)

Happy Birthday!


Did You Know: In addition to being a pivotal member of the 1985 World Champion Kansas City Royals, Danny Jackson went on to win another World Series with the 1990 Cincinnati Reds and played in the 1993 World Series as a member of the Phildelphia Phillies.

He also lead the National League with 23 wins and 15 complete games with the Reds in 1988 – an outstanding performances that went largely unnoticed because Orel Hershiser was busy breaking Don Drysdale’s major league record for consecutive scoreless innings pitched at 59. Jackson finished a distant second in 1988 National League Cy Young voting. 

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