Enduring ‘Tools of Ignorance’

Jason Kendall.jpgAs Jason Kendall climbs the charts for all-time games caught in Major League Baseball History it brought to mind that the Royals once had the leader on that list behind the plate. When Bob Boone finished his career in 1990 he held the top spot with 2,225 games caught.

Even now it is interesting to look at the Top Ten on that list and see that half of them have direct ties to the Royals as either a player, manager…or both.



Games Caught

1. Ivan Rodriguez


2. Carlton Fisk


3. Bob Boone


4. Gary Carter


5. Tony Pea


6. Jim Sundberg


7. Jason Kendall


8. Brad Ausmus


8. Al Lopez


10. Benito Santiago



Long time Royals fans might remember that Carlton Fisk was heavily pursued by the Royals as a free-agent late in his career as well – if memory serves it was after the 1987 season. Clearly the Royals (along with everyone in baseball) have always longed for solid defense at the catching position. Here’s hoping the next Royals catcher on this list starts his career in Kansas City – or better yet both starts and ends his career right here. 

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