Best Draft Picks

Signing of Royals 1974 First Round Draft Pick Willie Wilson

David Schoenfeld at the always interesting SweetSpot baseball blog on has posted his list of the best MLB draft picks ever at each of the (now) thirty draft slots. Remember the draft started in 1965 when there were twenty (20) big leagues clubs – so some of these spots were once in the second round.

(Trivia Question: Who was the first player selected in the first-ever MLB Draft of 1965 and by what team?)

Of the thirty spots the Royals hold down three – not bad huh? Here they are:

  • The Best #9 Pick – Kevin Appier (1987)
  • The Best #18 Pick – Willie Wilson (1974)
  • The Best # 29 Pick – George Brett (1971)

Just six other clubs had more than one slot on the list and the Royals joined the Phillies as the only two organizations with three. All three of the Royals are of course now members of the Royals Hall of Fame.

(Trivia Answer: Rick Monday, then an outfielder from Arizona State University, was the first player ever drafted when his was taken #1 overall in 1965 by the Kansas City Athletics)

(Curt Nelson, Director – Royals Hall of Fame)

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