Royals Birthdays – January 6

Thumbnail image for Royals Scouting Department - 1970.jpg1974 – Alvin Morman (Pitcher – 1999)

1915 – Tom Ferrick (Scout – 1969-??)

Happy Birthday!


Did You Know: If you thought the birthdays for today weren’t of much significance in Royals History, well then you’d be incorrect. Alvin Morman may have only had a cup of coffee with the Royals – that’s true – but the other name was a key cog in the Royals scouting department from the very beginning.

Tom Ferrick had a nine-year major league career (1941-52) as a pitcher playing for the Phildelphia Athletics, Cleveland Indians, St. Louis Browns, Washington Senators and New York Yankees. In fact, he was the winning picther for New York in Game 3 of their sweep of the Philadelphia Phillies in the 1950 World Series.

But it was as a scout that he made a truly lasting impact here in Kansas City. Ferrick spent much of his time with the Royals as a National Cross Checker and Professional Baseball Scout (one who scouts players already in pro ball for free-agent and trade possibilities). As a Pro Scout he played a large role in the Royals trades for Amos Otis and John Mayberry to name just two. As a National Cross Checker he was a driving force behind the Royals selection of George Brett. He was also the actual signing scout for another big name – Mark Gubicza. How’s that – four Royals Hall of Famers and we just scratched the surface.

Tom was part of a group that included Art Stewart, Rosey Gilhousen and many other stalwarts on that first scouting staff (pictured above- Tom is on the back row third from the left) who helped make the Royals champions…and quick!

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