Just Think – We Were That Close

Andre Dawson.jpgIt’s true Andre Dawson doesn’t fit into Royals History, yet it was oh so close – keep reading. But first

I know Andre Dawson was an absolute idol in Chicago during his time with the Cubs. He may well have been the single most popular and revered Cub outside of Ryne Sandberg during the late 1980’s and his 1987 MVP season cemented his place in Windy City baseball lore.

Nonetheless, I sure hope the ‘Hawk’ and our friends in Cooperstown put him in a Montreal Expos cap for his National Baseball Hall of Fame plaque. In my mind he became the Hall of Fame player he was north of the border and should be enshrined as such. The Expos may be gone, but they are also part of Major League Baseball’s history and Andre Dawson was one of their brightest stars.

Actually if it hadn’t been for the persistence of Dawson’s grandmother that young Andre go to college…no if and or buts…then the Hawk might have been apart of the Royals championship teams. Read this article and dream of a Royals outfield of Amos Otis, Willie Wilson, and Andre Dawson. Come on grandma, we would’ve sent him to school too!

Congratulations Andre!

(Curt Nelson, Director – Royals Hall of Fame)

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